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od 92m2 LD





Drewniany dom prefabrykowany o powierzchni 58m2.

Prefabrykowany dom energooszczędny o powierzchni 75m2.
Drewniany dom pasywny o powierzchni 92m2.

Prefabrykowany dom energooszczędny o powierzchni 75m2.
SIMPLE HOUSE are ready-made, modern, wooden houses, which stand out due to their simple form and the efficient use of space. We offer houses in three versions of technology - STANDARD, ENERGY-EFFICIENT and PASSIVE. The houses differ from each other in their type of insulation and thermal conductivity. The common element of all versions is the modularity. We offer readymade houses with six main living areas: 45m2, 58m2, 69m2, 75m2, 92m2 and LD with the possibility of expansion depending on the changing needs of the users.

We offer a number of options regarding the exterior finish of our houses. Thanks to the use of prefabricated house technology, realization of the project has been reduced and it ranges from 3 to 5 months. Timber framed passive house are a perfect solutions for those who want to move to their new dream hose as soon as possible.

If you are interested in a small passive or energy efficient home, check out the SIMPLE HOUSE offer.

We also offer a house of 25m2 and a house of 35 m2. We offer a small houses that doesn’t require obtaining a building permit to do so. Despite the limited area, the house can be an interesting solution for a recreational, summer house.

Grant for energy-efficient home

Simple House specializes in solutions that reduce energy consumption. Our projects meet energy efficiency requirements, in which energy consumption to heat a house is in the range of 40 ( Simple Energy-energy efficient house) to 15 kWh / m2 / year ( Simple Passive- passive house) . Simple House investors are entitled ( after passing verification ) to apply for state grants and project financing .
More information on - www.nfosigw.pl



Virtual walk through Simple House.

Choose the configuration you are looking for, match the dimensions of your plot and change the facade finish options and interior wall colours.

SIMPLE HOUSE proves that a modern and affordable house does not have to mean compromise. We combine modern technology with an eye for aesthetics and functionality. We aim to meet the needs of both small and extended families, and serve as a year-round house or a holiday home.
Based on many years of experience and knowledge of the current needs of clients, we create cheap to run, timber framed, energy efficient and passive houses, in which low power consumption significantly reduces heating costs.

The main designer and the founder of SIMPLE HOUSE is architect Jakub Szczesny - author of the Keret House art installation, the co-founder of Project Group Centrala Designer?s Task Force and winner of numerous competitions in his profession.

In addition to our Simple House offer,
we can realize any individual project of timber framed house or brick house.


Prefabrykowany dom energooszczędny o powierzchni 75m2.
In addition to our Simple House offer, we can realize any individual project.
SIMPLE HOUSE is our response to current trends in the construction industry and the expectations of our customers in times when energy costs are constantly increasing.
The company uses the experience of its parent company Nowy Konstancin, which has been operating on the market since 1998 and is an active member of the Wooden House Association (Stowarzyszenie Dom Drewniany).
Our membership in this association, and numerous references are a reliable assurance of our services and prove the compliance of our services with the highest standards of construction.

The above offer is for informational purposes only and we are open to negotiations. The above offer does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant legislation.

Simple House
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